Monday, 9 February 2009

Workspeak and a WTF?!

Workspeak and a WTF?!
Me: "I forgot my lunch, and I'm broke and hungry."

Brian: "Sounds like a bad combination."

Me: "I'm like Oliver Twist, but without the cool accent. Though I'm not sure there was forgotten lunch in Oliver Twist. I think he was just hungry and shit out of luck."

Brian: "You could go jack somebody coming out of Burger King."

Me: "Eh. It's too cold outside, and they might get something I don't like. Then I'd have to wait for someone else. I got some stuff at home. I think I've got some venison meat left. What's a good way to cook venison with limited ingredients?"

Brian: "I dunno, what do you have?"

Me: "Well, lets see... venison."

Brian: "Important."

Me: "And heat. That's pretty much it."

Brian: "You could make hot meat."

Me: "That sounds good, how's that recipe go?"


So, according to MSNBC, George Clooney met with Vice President Joe Biden to talk about U.S. policy in Sudan.

I really don't need to add to this one at all to make it stupid and funny.

I love easy work.

I'm going to go watch something that makes more sense to me, like the Japanese channel.

Genki de ne!!

(=' . '=)


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