Monday, 11 August 2014

Boot Riders : Tribal Gang

The Boot Riders were a rag tag gang of migrant tribals before they got to be known as the Chairmen.

The Boot Riders, a pack of miscreants, were one of the tribes that scratched out a presence meandering the vestiges of Las Vegas before turning into a part of Mr. House's "Three Families". At first, the Boot Riders were approached by a solitary Securitron that was sent as an emissary by House; then again, the Securitron was quickly pulverized immediately.

 On the one day from now, the Boot Riders were persuaded to arrange with House in the wake of being faced by a bigger unforeseen of twenty Securitrons and made an assention in which the tribe were to be restored and existed on the New Vegas Strip. While the majority of the tribe consented to join House's offer, the tribe's boss at the time, Bingo, emphatically needed the Boot Riders to stay traveling. Anyway Bingo's refusal was tested by one of his tribe parts, Benny, who needed to abandon the old ways. Benny immediately discarded his pioneer in a skirmish of blades and assumed control over the Boot Riders that thusly turned into the Chairmen.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The tribal gang Benny

Benny was a part of the tribal gang called the Boot Riders before Mr. House occupied Vegas. As one of the three tribes who acknowledged to House's new rule, the Boot Riders were allotted to modernize The Tops casino. 

They were given suits and ties and renamed "The Chairmen". Benny saw the ability of New Vegas, but the tribe's chief at the time, Bingo, wanted to stay nomadic. To decide the direction of the tribe, Benny confronted Bingo to a knife fight, and the winner would be the leader of the tribe. Benny stabbed Bingo in the throat, killing him and winning the fight. 

Benny is fast to eradicate dissent among those Chairmen who sustain the old ways, even killing an old friend, an unnamed singer with a Psycho overdose.